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Top 4 Outdoor Living Trends For 2023

Outdoor Living, Parkville, MO Whether a spacious backyard or a more intimate patio, modern outdoor areas are planned more for routine use than for occasional gatherings like barbecues and parties. Many families rely on their backyards and patios as a substitute for indoor living space, a place of tranquility, and a link to nature. People move their home offices, kitchens, living rooms, and even entertainment venues outside when the weather permits. To create beautiful outdoor areas, however, working with a reputable and well-established company like East Lawn & Landscape is essential.

Outdoor Living Trends For 2023

In response to this shift in consumer preferences, modern outdoor design is increasingly influenced by the conveniences and aesthetics of indoor spaces. Take advantage of the coming year by incorporating some of 2023's top trends into your outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Kitchens

Interest in high-end indoor and outdoor areas that mimic the luxury of restaurants and hotels is expected from outdoor kitchen installations. Consumers are eager to add a touch of luxury to their mundane daily lives, and this desire is reflected in their penchant for decorating every square inch of their homes and gardens and creating superb outdoor kitchens with ideal layouts, appliances, and paved flooring.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Investing in an impressive outdoor feature is a quick and easy way to add the "wow factor" to your property and make a bold statement. An outdoor fireplace could serve as your yard's aesthetic and functional focal point. If you want this element in your yard, the design you settle on will likely be constrained by the available area. Besides money, other considerations include the style you're opting for in your design. From space-saving fireplace designs to elaborate ones, you can select the one you need.

Fire Pits

With a custom fire pit, you can spend much more time outside, even as the summer nights fade and the fall temperatures set in. Hosting friends and family at your house? A fire is a great way to warm the room and keep the bugs away. Also, they make an excellent venue for social gatherings. Any backyard can have a fire pit built to its specifications, whether a simple wood-burning pit or one fueled by natural gas or propane and decorated with natural stone.

Outdoor Lighting

It's a well-known fact that the way outdoor spaces, including gardens, are lit significantly impacts the mood created there. The demand for outdoor lighting has increased in 2022 because of people spending more time outdoors and holding parties well into the night. With the advent of smart outdoor lighting, it is now possible to manage your lighting from your smartphone. By allowing you to regulate when the lights in your home turn on and off, smart lighting improves your home's safety and helps you make the most of the longer evenings by spending more time outside. This trend is set to continue into 2023.

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