Landscape & Hardscape Services

Landscape Services Kansas City, MO We at East Lawn & landscape cater to clients in and around Gallatin, Kansas City, St Joseph, and Liberty. We also have a very good client base in Kearney, Kansas City, Smithville, and Chillicothe. Our company has also successfully completed projects for property owners in Cameron, Bethany, Excelsior Springs, Hamilton, and the surrounding areas. The different types of services we provide include:

Landscape Installation

Installing a landscape is a specialized job that should be entrusted only to experts like the ones at East Lawn & Landscape. We are a full-service landscaping company that handles all aspects of the job such as design and installation of a hardscaping features as well as softscaping elements. We use the best materials in the work and expert installers handle these tasks which ensure the stability and longevity of the installations. Read More About Landscape Installation »

Lawn Treatments

We provide custom lawn care treatments that cover every aspect of turf care. Slow-release fertilizers are required to ensure you have green & healthy lawn spaces. We are very meticulous and professional in our approach to our work and make sure that the best quality, organic fertilizers are used. Not only does this keep the soil and plantings healthy, but doesn’t do any harm to the environment as well. Since we tailor the treatments to your needs, you can always rest assured that your lawn gets the attention and care it needs. Read More About Landscape Installation »


Our experts can plan residential and commercial irrigation system plans that are right in line with your needs. We survey the space and the plantings that are to be installed or already exist there and then design and install automatic sprinkler systems, drip irrigation systems and soaker hoses as required. We use commercial-grade materials and products in our work which helps create the perfect solution for your landscape. Read More About Irrigation »


The masonry features in your landscape are referred to as hardscaping. These elements provide stability and balance to the outdoor spaces on your property. Our company designs and installs features such as patios, walkways, pathways, garden steps, retaining walls, fireplace and fire pit zones and more. We use weather-resistant and low maintenance materials in the work which ensures these installations are able to withstand the elements and last for a very long time. Read More About Hardscapes »

Outdoor Lighting

The one way to make optimum use of the outdoor spaces of your home after dark is to get the right kind of exterior lighting installed. We survey the available space and the features in your landscape and provide custom yard lighting plans. A range of energy-efficient fixtures such as lamp posts, paver lights, recessed lights, underwater lights, and boundary wall and gate post lights will be installed as required to ensure your landscape has sufficient illumination. Read More About Outdoor Lighting »

If you are looking for custom landscaping solutions and personalized services, you are at the right at the right place. We at East Lawn &Landscape can provide you excellent solutions at very competitive cost. To send us your queries and to discuss your project details, feel free to call us at 816-810-5221 or contact us via this online form.