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Landscape Installations, Kearney, MO Are you having a hard time building or maintaining your dream garden? Have you considered hiring professional landscaping services from a reputed company? One of the most common hurdles that homeowners face while landscaping is their lack of experience in the task. Planning and creating a landscaped garden happen to be more complicated than it might sound, as it requires far more than just planting the vegetation at the right place. Experienced professionals know exactly how to give your garden the look you dream for it to have.

At East Lawn and Landscape, we happen to be one of the top landscaping companies in Kearney MO. The quality of our services, together with our professional and customer-centric approach has helped us build up an impressive reputation. We care deeply for our clients, providing them with personalized services. We can provide you with several services that you would find to be useful.

Landscape Installation

Proper installation of the landscaping elements is the key to having a beautifully landscaped garden. We come up with creative landscape installation ideas to give gardens a unique look. Besides various hardscaping elements and vegetation, professionals also install:

  • BBQs
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Patios
  • Fire pits
  • Outdoor furniture

A professional team not only helps to build up a beautiful garden but can also install various landscape features on an existing garden. Extreme flexibility and customizability make it possible for the customers to get exactly what they are looking for. Our services are highly scalable, which implies that we have no problem adapting to gardens of different sizes.

Lawn Treatments

Your lush green lawn is essentially one of the key components of the landscape. However, simply building up the lawn and planting the grass isn’t adequate if you want the garden to preserve its beauty throughout the year. You would have to hire lawn treatment services at scheduled intervals. Lawn treatments include:

  • Fertilization
  • Aeration
  • Mowing
  • Watering
  • Weed control
  • Pest control
  • Soil amendments

Lawn treatments help to keep the grass healthy and get rid of harmful factors like weeds and pests. Our professional team can treat your lawn efficiently, using eco-friendly solutions that would not have adverse effects on your soil. A healthy lawn not only looks better, but also offers a more refreshing environment. Moreover, healthy, and dense grass is better at resisting insects. Thus, they remain protected from damage significantly. Apart from the scheduled treatments, you may also hire professional services if you spot bare patches starting to appear in the lawn.


Proper irrigation is crucial for a garden to thrive. Even if you do not live in a dry region, you may need to arrange for irrigation methods so that your lawn and plants receive water on a regular basis. Professionals can install sophisticated and automated irrigation equipment on your lawn, which would come with benefits like:

  • Hassle-free watering as the sprinkler would water your lawn at the right time
  • Cost-efficiency by avoiding the wastage of water
  • Irrigating your garden with an adequate amount of water at all time
  • Years of service, as good sprinkler systems have quite an impressive lifespan

Our team would carefully analyze your soil and the type of vegetation before coming up with an irrigation solution. They would provide you with a sprinkler system that is perfect for your garden. You would receive a thorough tutorial on how to use the irrigation system properly. You may also hire professional services for the repair and maintenance of your sprinkler system

Thus, a professional landscape company in Kearney MO, like East Lawn and Landscape can take care of all your landscaping needs and provide you with quality services. Regardless of how busy your lifestyle is, you may enjoy the beauty of a lush green garden. To get in touch with our team, you may fill up this form or call us at 816-248-4870.
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