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Landscaping, Kansas City, MO Improving a property's curb appeal is only one aspect of professional lawn care and landscaping. East Lawn and Landscape has assisted customers in making the most of their outside areas for over 20 years by incorporating their ideas and visions into stunning and practical landscapes.

Located in Kansas City, MO, our company offers comprehensive services for commercial and residential properties all year round. You can rely on our landscaping knowledge and experience. We promise to provide a design and build that exceeds your expectations in aesthetics and cost-effectiveness.

Our company assists property owners in creating inviting and visually pleasing outdoor entertainment areas. The increased value of your house from these improvements can be substantial.

Range of Landscaping Services

The highlight of any yard is the garden. Improve the area's look, provide some welcome shade, and lay down some ground cover that is comfortable and easy on the feet.

Our commercial landscaping services emphasize the design and upkeep of outdoor areas surrounding a business or commercial property. We can handle every step of the design-build process for your outdoor living areas and offer the following services, among others:
  • Patios and pavers
  • Driveways, pathways, and walkways
  • Landscapes and plantings
  • Retaining and accent walls
  • Water features
  • Fire features
  • Landscaped lighting effects
  • Decks and pergolas
  • Curbing and edging
  • Paver steps
  • Landscape upgrades and renovation

Customized Landscaping Services

We go through the vast array of available goods to track the exact ones you need. All our employees have been handpicked to provide exceptional quality and artistry, and we back up our promises with solid guarantees and warranties. But the team isn't required to do everything for you. Our doors are always open to customers who want to take on additional responsibilities for their projects.

Working with us opens up a world of possibilities for your outside space. We can assist with more than simply landscaping and paving stones. While also providing a low-priced design service, we can adapt to your specifications. Each team member is dedicated to their role and contributes knowledge, expertise, and originality to our endeavors.

Commercial Landscaping Solutions

We are experts in all facets of commercial landscape building, from the smallest of details to the whole planning and execution of the project. Our crew knows the value of low-upkeep landscaping elements and works hard to advise customers on the finest plants to use. We utilize our expertise to design functional and low-maintenance landscapes for years to come.

Not only do we provide quality landscaping services, but we also give green options. We use chemical-free methods, such as organic fertilizers and pesticides. Most business clients who care about the environment are appreciative of our efforts.

High-Quality Landscaping Services

The landscaping we design together will be the talk of the neighborhood! You'll benefit from our team's wide variety of expertise since each of us has unique skills.

We know what we're doing, and with our resources and knowledge, we can determine how many people will be required to complete the task. We work systematically, creating the best experiences for our clients. Our crew is knowledgeable and skilled enough to handle even the most complex landscaping jobs to the highest industry standards.

If you need well-designed, sustainable, cost-effective landscapes, call the East Lawn and Landscape team at 816-248-4870. You can also write to us through this Contact Us form, and we will answer your queries or help with any other information you need. We offer customized and personalized commercial and residential landscaping services in Kansas City, MO, so feel free to contact us for all your big and small landscaping requirements.
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