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Fireplaces & Fire Pits

Fireplaces, Kansas City, MO Landscape planning involves far more than adding trees, plants, and a lawn to your property. To give it a complete and distinct appearance, homeowners around Trimble, MO, and the surroundings now install elements such as fireplaces and fire pits. These fire features are a fantastic way of adding warmth and enchantment to the landscape. Today, people increasingly use their yards to enjoy leisurely moments with their friends and family.

Why Opt for a Custom Fire Feature?

The moment you install a fireplace or fire pit on your property, it creates a fantastic atmosphere and adds to the utility of the outdoor areas on your property. There are a lot of pre-constructed Fireplaces and Fire Pits available, which may be easier to install. However, they all have a typical design and do not help create a distinctive look in your property. On the other hand, when you opt for East Lawn & Landscape’s personalized solutions, you can be confident that your home will stand out from others in the area.

Fireplace Design Ideas

Designing and installing fireplaces is a specialized task that novices should not undertake. We have a lot of expertise in building the most stunning fireplace installations. In addition to constructing the physical features, we also have the skills and resources to design and build retaining walls with seats. We can also pave these spaces to create a complete entertainment and relaxation zone.


Some aspects of fireplace installation include the following:

  • Materials - We may use concrete, stone, or brick in your fireplace installation. Natural stone and brick have a fantastic finish and look great the way they are without any rendering. If you desire a concrete fireplace, our experts can create one for you with the accents you want.

  • Design and Styling - The style and design will be linked to the styling of the surrounding places, and we will guarantee that it suits the aesthetic of your home structure.

  • Dimensions - The size of the fire feature is a very significant aspect that we consider. If the space is compact, we propose you build a smaller fireplace to tie in nicely with the available area. There should be ample area for sitting around the fireplace, too, and we consider all these factors while planning the feature.

Fire Pits

Some aspects of fire pit installation include the following:

  • Materials - A stone fire pit is a beautiful way to add depth to the landscape, and it quickly becomes the focal point of your yard. We can also design and install brick or concrete fire pits and use stone veneer cladding for the latter.

  • Design & Styling - When we build fire pits, we ensure that they flow nicely with the surrounding areas. If they are in the center of a yard, we will adapt it to that style. If it is closer to your house, we will guarantee that it complements its structure.

  • Dimensions - As a rule, fire pits are not huge, but we can design and build it per your request and make sure it is proportionate to the available space.

For high-grade fireplaces and fire pits, please call East Lawn & Landscape at 816-248-4870 or write to us using this Online Form and one of our team members will contact you soon to discuss your specific requirements. We offer the best hardscaping services at the best pricing
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