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Landscape & Hardscape, Parkville MO We at East Lawn & landscape cater to clients in and around Gallatin, Kansas City, St Joseph, and Liberty. We also have a very good client base in Parkville, Kearney, Kansas City, and Trimble. Our company has also successfully completed projects for property owners in Liberty, Smithville, Gladstone, St Joseph and the surrounding areas. The different types of services we provide include:

Paver Patios

If you are on the market for a new paver patio or perhaps you want to replace your old patio then you have come to the right place. Our hardscaping specialists work with a wide range of products, ranging from brick pavers to concrete pavers to natural rocks and everything in between. This allows us to create the perfect patios customized to your requirements and preferences. Using paver for your patio is a win win situation. Not only will you have a visually appealing patio, but you will also have one that is durable, low in maintenance and so easy to repair! Read More About Paver Patios »

Retaining Walls

From the beautiful and timeless appeal of natural stone to modern materials, we can work with different types of materials to create the perfect retaining wall systems for your outdoors. These features are a big decision for any property. Make sure to choose a company like East Lawn and Landscape that has decades of industry experience and market presence. We serve residential and commercial clients in Parkville, Liberty, Smithville, Kearney, and Kansas City in Missouri. Read More About Retaining Walls »

Paver Driveways

Paver driveways are one of the most common features on most residential and commercial properties. Many property owners are now moving away from gravel, concrete, or even asphalt, as pavers are far more reliable than these alternatives. Well-maintained paver driveways can easily last you over four decades, ensuring you receive the best possible value for money. Installation and maintenance are simple, and these surfaces look terrific in any setting. You can pick concrete, natural stone, or brick pavers, and we will supply you with the best ideas and layouts. We can also assist you in replacing your old concrete driveway with a better and aesthetically pleasing paver installation. Our team ensures the proper installation of all the units, so the feature is robust and resilient, critical in high pedestrian and vehicular activity areas. Our professionals finish each hardscaping project according to industry standards, ensuring that you receive superior quality and durable outdoor surfaces. Read More About Paver Driveways »

Paver Walkways

Paver pathways are a great way to spruce up the look of your landscape and make your outdoor areas more welcome and unique. Adding custom-designed pathways to your landscaping improves your property's curb appeal while also enhancing the overall flow of the landscape. We'll help you design a pathway that's both beautiful and functional, no matter what style you want. There are many advantages to installing paver pathways in your yard. We give you all the information you need to decide the best pavers for your needs. Natural stone, brick, and concrete paver installation is our specialty. We utilize only the best materials to ensure that your pathways endure a long time and look excellent. Pavers come in various forms, sizes, patterns, and colors. With our help, you can expect a beautiful walkway leading to your front door. Read More About Paver Walkways »

Paver Stairs

Our specialty is creating garden stair designs and layouts that are attractive and useful. We combine our deep knowledge and creative abilities to enhance your outdoor space. Many homeowners prefer to completely level the land before building their garden, as sloping areas exist. However, if you opt to preserve the several levels, constructing stairs is an excellent way to maintain safety and improve the aesthetics of your house. We can design and install a variety of yard and garden stairs. We work with clients building a new landscape from scratch and those who want to add stairs to an existing one. Additionally, we excavate and grade several outdoor surfaces before laying the landscaping paver stairs. No matter how big or small the project, we have the expertise to do it. We deliver unmatched quality and adhere to industry standards to ensure that you have attractive features that will last for decades. Read More About Paver Stairs »

Outdoor Kitchen/Living

It takes a considerable amount of skill, knowledge, and expertise to create outdoor kitchens or outdoor living spaces for your property. Detailed planning and perfect styling are two of the most crucial aspects that you cannot overlook. We are the company to contact if you want a customized outdoor space for your residential property. With years of experience operating in this industry, our expert designers are more than capable of creating a unique outdoor kitchen. From selecting materials to the design and the build, they will take care of every aspect. We will have detailed conversations with you to determine your cooking preferences, the number of guests you typically expect, as well as seating options in your outdoor kitchen. The installation of decks and patios is another excellent way to expand the indoors in your yard spaces. Besides, we can also install pergolas, pavilions, and arbors to create the perfect outdoor space for your property. Read More About Outdoor Kitchen/Living »

Fireplaces & Firepits

Try installing a fireplace or fire pit if you want to make the most of your backyard all year. These features add warmth and comfort to your yard, creating a cozy place for relaxation. Most of our clients are selective and want us to customize these elements to their preferences. While designing and building outdoor brick fireplaces, we consider your preferences and use our expertise to produce the best pieces for your property. While we place a premium on aesthetics, we ensure that the design we choose matches the landscape and any outdoor features currently on your property. We can use various materials in the installation, including concrete, brick, and stone, and we may sometimes clad concrete elements with stone veneers. We work collaboratively with you to ascertain your objectives and then develop solutions that meet those objectives. Read More About Fireplaces/Firepits »

Outdoor Lighting

The one way to make optimum use of the outdoor spaces of your home after dark is to get the right kind of exterior lighting installed. We survey the available space and the features in your landscape and provide custom yard lighting plans. A range of energy-efficient fixtures such as lamp posts, paver lights, recessed lights, underwater lights, and boundary wall and gate post lights will be installed as required to ensure your landscape has sufficient illumination. Read More About Outdoor Lighting »


When it comes to landscaping projects, you cannot ignore the importance of specialized knowledge and experience. And we tick all the right boxes in these areas. No landscaping job is too big or too complex for us. When combined, your vision and our design services can bring new life to your landscape and outdoors. From installing new designs and colors to replacing the existing plantscapes and hardscapes, we have expertise in all areas of landscaping. Our experienced crew can expand your property’s visibility by replacing, trimming, or adding new shrubs that add more colors and require lower maintenance. Read More About Landscaping »


Our experts can plan residential and commercial irrigation system plans that are right in line with your needs. We survey the space and the plantings that are to be installed or already exist there and then design and install automatic sprinkler systems, drip irrigation systems and soaker hoses as required. We use commercial-grade materials and products in our work which helps create the perfect solution for your landscape. Read More About Irrigation »

Lawn Treatments

We provide custom lawn care treatments that cover every aspect of turf care. Slow-release fertilizers are required to ensure you have green & healthy lawn spaces. We are very meticulous and professional in our approach to our work and make sure that the best quality, organic fertilizers are used. Not only does this keep the soil and plantings healthy, but doesn’t do any harm to the environment as well. Since we tailor the treatments to your needs, you can always rest assured that your lawn gets the attention and care it needs. Read More About Landscape Installation »

Fence Installation

When people move onto a property, one of the first things they do is put up fences in the outdoor areas. These features add protection to your home or business and help you set boundaries and improve the look of your property. We offer high-quality fences of all types and materials such as wood, metal, aluminium, composite, vinyl, etc. We provide customized services aligned with your requirements, so you get high-grade solutions within your budget. Our team will provide you with all the information you need about different materials and their pros and cons, helping you make a better–informed decision about the type of fencing you need. Our installers are experienced and knowledgeable and ensure that your fencing feature is as you expected it to be. Whether you need a border fence or pool fence for your residential yard or chainlink and security fencing for your commercial property, we can help with the best solutions. Read More About Fence Installations »

If you are looking for custom landscaping solutions and personalized outdoor living services, you are at the right place. We at East Lawn & Landscape can provide you with excellent solutions at a very competitive cost. To send us your queries and to discuss your project details, feel free to call us at 816-248-4870 or contact us via this online form.

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