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Paver Installations, Smithville, MO East Lawn and Landscape is a well-established, family-owned, full-service business. Our company offers paver installations in Smithville to residential and business property owners. We provide these different services:

Paver Patios

If you're looking for a hardscape contractor but aren't sure where to begin, we're here to help. Pavers are incredibly long-lasting and adaptable to changing weather conditions. Unlike poured concrete, these units are self-contained and will not fracture over time. Because of this, they are perfect for patios and high-traffic areas, including pathways and walkways on your property. Everything from the design through the installation and quality control will be under the watchful eye of our staff.

Due to our experience and skill, you can depend on us to design and construct beautiful hardscaping for your home, such as attractive paver patios. Our paver patios are made from high-quality paver materials to endure a long time and look great. Because we understand our clients' budgets, cost-effective solutions are a top priority for us, as is providing them with high levels of customization.

Paver Driveways

It is common to see paver driveways installed on both residential and commercial premises. There are various advantages to using pavers over gravel/concrete/asphalt driveways, which is why they are becoming more popular among homeowners. Getting years of use out of a paver driveway is possible if you take care of it. Maintenance is simple, and the surfaces are stunning in any context. We will provide you with the most fantastic ideas and layouts if you pick brick, concrete, or natural stone pavers.

In addition, we can help you replace your outdated concrete driveways with more robust and visually appealing pavers. Especially in high-traffic zones, the features we install must be sturdy and long-lasting. Therefore, we double-check everything. Our specialists guarantee that you receive durable exterior surfaces and complete each hardscaping job to the highest industry standards.

Paver Walkways

Paver walkways are a great way to enhance the visual appeal of your property. It is possible to employ these features to define the outside of these simple structures and provide a sense of intricacy to them. While it is essential to use appropriate materials, it is equally important to use the proper design idea. The brick, natural stone, or concrete pavers can be installed as a pathway. The pavers will take on a whole new look if they are arranged unevenly. When your walkway goes to an area of your landscape that isn't visible from your patio or garden, you can elicit a sense of interest and expectation.

Straight lines might appear severe and formal. In contrast, a smaller path with natural curves lends a more natural and organic appearance to your environment. Some of our clientele prefer more extensive natural stone pathways, and we meet these requirements to the tee. The joints between the paver units can be filled with grass, creating a unique and appealing aspect. Paving stones can be used in a variety of ways in these buildings. Regardless of your needs, we have the best solutions. We take the time to get to know you and your project to meet your needs.

Cost-Effective Paver Installations

Our company is big on customization and is committed to offering affordable solutions to our residential and commercial clients. For high-grade and cost-effective paver installations in Smithville, MO, please call East Lawn & Landscape and speak with our experts at 816-248-4870.

You can also drop us a line through this Online Form. We will call you back soon to understand your project requirements and offer the best solutions to meet your needs and your landscape layout and aesthetic.
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