Lawn Treatments

Lawn Treatments, North Kansas MO When you get a landscape designed and installed from expert landscape contractors, that is just the one aspect of the project. Once the plantings and lawns are in place, they need regular care and treatments to keep them healthy and resilient enough to weather climatic changes, pest infestation and other problems.

We at East Lawn & landscape cater to clients in and around Gallatin, Kansas City, St Joseph, and Liberty. We also have a very good client base in Kearney, Kansas City, Smithville, and Chillicothe. Our company has also successfully completed commercial and residential lawn care projects for property owners in Cameron, Bethany, Excelsior Springs, Hamilton, and the surrounding areas.

Custom Lawn Care Packages

We have been operating in this field for over 20 years now; in this time, and have handled lawn care not just on compact residential lawn spaces but on expansive, commercial landscapes as well. We have the skill, knowledge, technology and the resources to provide custom lawn care plans for our clients.

Slow release fertilizers are one of the main things required to ensure you have lush green and healthy lawn spaces in spring. We adopt a very customized and meticulous approach to our work, use organic fertilizers that are sourced from reputed local nurseries. This ensures your lawn gets the best care and fertilizer treatments based on its specific needs.

When your lawns get the right treatments, it also means you don’t have to be saddled with the tasks of mowing the grass a couple of times each well or worrying about the grass becoming affected by diseases. The holistic approach we take complements Mother Nature and gives you healthy and beautiful lawn spaces.

Lawn Treatments - Our Work Process

Some things we focus on as part of these services include:

  • In the course of each visit, our personnel spend some time to ascertain the composition of the lawn. This helps them make the necessary adjustments right through the season to ensure your lawn looks great at all times.
  • The turf program we design for you is generally a part and parcel of the lawn fertilizer services we provide. The multiple treatments are planned in such as a way that the lawn gets consistent attention right through the growing season.
  • We also include special fungicide treatments that have both a curative and preventative function.
  • In addition, we provide lawn insect treatment and preventive solutions as required.

The base for a good lawn is a good nutrient plan. We can customize a lawn treatment plan for you. Our packages consist of a basic lawn treatment of four applications to a more complex package consisting of six treatments a year. We take the weather into consideration before applying the treatments.

In drought conditions or rainy patterns, we use different materials in order to give your lawn the most benefits possible. We work closely with our suppliers to make sure YOUR lawn treatment plan is what is best for the conditions in the area.

If you are looking for custom turf treatment services, you are at the right at the right place. We at East Lawn & landscape can provide you excellent solutions at very competitive lawn care cost. To send us your queries and to discuss your project details, feel free to call us at 816-810-5221 or contact us via this online form.