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Irrigation Services, North Kansas MO Irrigation is a very important aspect of any landscape. Water is essential for the growth and health of all the plants, shrubs, trees and lawns in your landscape. But irrigation is more than just installing a few sprinklers in the lawn areas or some water hoses in the other spaces.

It’s about assessing the watering needs of different plantings and ensuring that all the living features in the landscaping get the amount of water they need, at the right intervals. This is where our expertise in landscape irrigation design and installation comes in. We at East Lawn & landscape cater to clients in and around Gallatin, Kansas City, St Joseph, and Liberty.

We also have a very good client base in Kearney, Kansas City, Smithville, and Chillicothe. Our company has successfully completed projects for property owners in Cameron, Bethany, Excelsior Springs, Parkville, and the surrounding areas.

Commercial and Residential Landscape Irrigation Services

We install and service all types of irrigation systems for both commercial and residential clients. There are a number of benefits to getting a custom landscape irrigation system such as:

  • A good irrigation system adds value to your home or business by beautifying your lawn.
  • When the summer heat turns lawns brown, yours will still be green and plush.
  • A well-designed and installed irrigation system will give you many years of trouble-free watering.
  • An irrigation system can save money by using less water compared to dragging a sprinkler and hose around your yard.
  • With the busy lives we all lead, its automated on/off programming will save you a lot of time.

Our Methodical Irrigation System Installation Work Process

Want to have a beautiful green lawn all summer long? After the system is installed, we will:

  • Give you a complete tutorial on how your irrigation system works.
  • Our experts will show you how to set the controller for labor-free watering.
  • We also teach you what to watch for on your lawn to make sure the system is providing the correct coverage.
  • We will go over the yearly cost of an irrigation system which includes backflow checks, start-up and winterizing.

Irrigation Service Package

In addition to these services we also offer services for existing systems. We have a service package that includes backflow checks, start-up and winterizing. We also offer monthly service plans. A complete walk-through of the system is completed once a month to ensure the system is working properly. We will repair anything that is out of adjustment and offer recommendations for water usage.

If you are looking for custom landscape irrigation services you are at the right place. We at East Lawn & landscape have been operating in this space for over 20 years and can provide you with excellent solutions at very competitive irrigation installation costs. To send us your queries and to discuss your project details, feel free to call us at 816-810-5221 or contact us via this online form.
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